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FROM: Dr. Bryan Joseph


Dear Fellow Chiropractor,

Quick question:

Are you sick and tired of being “Mised?” Mistreated, Misunderstood, Misbelieved, and Mispaid, and want to stop it right now?

If so, then this may be exactly “what the doctor ordered.”

If you know you’re providing great patient care, and you have the passion, talents and skills to deliver valuable life-improving treatments,

Yet you’re frustrated because you can’t seem to
get enough patients into your practice…
Or, you’re just having a hard time figuring out how to get “momentum” in your practice so patients can find you, and see what you offer…

Then make sure you read this entire letter right now because…

In just a moment, I’m going to share with you the proven fundamental blueprint system I use in my practice continually to:

  • Get a continuous flow of quality new paying patients
  • Track and manage my growth
  • Lead my team and boost your self esteem
The great thing about this blueprint is there’s nothing technical about it. It’s easy to understand and once you learn it, you’ll be able to start using it right away in your practice to…
Get a Steady Stream of High Quality Paying Patients into Your Practice
  • You’re going to discover the #1 fastest way to grow your practice – PROVEN and time-tested… (Module 18)
  • You’re going to discover how to attract patients willing to drive right past other Chiropractors offices on their way to yours! (Module 11)
  • And you’re going to discover how to ethically and honestly have these paying patients coming back to see you on a more frequent basis – for years and years… (Module 10)
Look, if you’re frustrated because you’ve spent months or years working on your practice (that you KNOW certain people out there would love), but you just can’t find a way to reach them or get them to buy…

Then you’ll want to read every word on this page…

Because this blueprint is a proven path to finding the patients who WANT your help and finally having them pay you to the fair income you deserve.

Now, before we go any further, there’s one thing I want to make sure you understand:

I don’t believe in any kind of “get rich quick” techniques, or strategies that involve short term tricks, hacks, or loopholes. That’s why…

The Blueprint You’re About to Discover is Probably
Not Like Anything Else You’ve Seen or Tried
What I teach is based on fundamental and proven principles, rather than the latest Google trend or Facebook hack.

You just have to log in to Facebook to notice there’s a new “Guru” popping up almost every day claiming they’ve found a new way to get patients and make millions.

While these fly-by-night Gurus always seem to be focused on teaching how to “game” the system and new tricks to use, I’ve always been one to focus on using strategies that work for the long-term, fundamentals!

Taking this approach has really paid off for me in practice, and I think it will for you, too.

Especially when you consider the astonishing results these strategies have produced…

“The 25 Million Dollar Blueprint”
Yes, that’s a real number, and there really is a Blueprint along with the fundamentals and systems that has generated million dollar revenues in my practice for years and years, and I’m about to share them with you.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been fortunate to start and grow 9 very profitable practices in several different cities.

Together these practices have attracted well over ten thousand new patients –– and sold a combined $25 million worth of Chiropractic and natural health care services.

I don’t share any of this with you to brag. In fact, I naturally tend to be more on the “shy” side and prefer to keep most of my accomplishments private.

But it is important for you to know that I have been very successful (and made a lot of money) with my Chiropractic practices –– and that I have developed a real blueprint that has worked extremely well for me, continues to work, and I think can help you, too.

It is also important you know I had to learn everything myself. To achieve these results and develop this system, I had to invest a substantial amount of time, energy, effort and money.

That’s because when I first started in practice, like most people…

I Use to REALLY Struggle to Find and Attract Patients.

It was REALLY Frustrating…

In fact, for the first few years of my practice career, I was jumping from one marketing gimmick to the other trying to make something work.

I spent weekend after weekend setting up a screening tent at the local fair – right between the lemonade shake-up and funnel cake stands. I got some results, but let’s face it, it was really embarrassing being a “doctor” standing out there feeling like I was begging for patients.

The one thing that always stopped me from growing fast was my inability to reach new patients in a professional and empowering way to get them to buy my services.

Often times I would spend several months studying the next really amazing service or technique that I knew certain people out there would love.

The only problem was I could never get enough people to buy from me to see any REAL success. Instead I kept collecting more equipment and in-office tools for me to look at.

It wasn’t until I learned a very important lesson about marketing, (which led me to create the blueprint I’m about to share with you), that things started taking off and I started making some real money from my practices…

The $600 Dollar Marketing Lesson That Made Me $2 Million Dollars
When I was 22 years old, I decided to get into Chiropractic. I thought that might be a good way to help people and to make money (I didn’t know why, but I always saw doctors wearing nice clothes and driving expensive cars).

So after I got my license and set up my practice, I had to start looking for patients.

The only problem is I didn’t know where to begin!

I knew there were people out there who needed Chiropractic treatments, but I didn’t know where to start looking for them.

So I decided to check out some practice marketing seminars, but that didn’t work out very well because…

My First Attempt to Get New
Patients Was a Disaster
The first marketing seminar I went to looked promising…

There was a guy on stage who was teaching a group of Chiropractors how to create flyers and advertisements and do spinal screenings to attract new patients.

It seemed interesting, and at the end of the seminar I went to the back of the room and bought a copy of these “do-it-yourself” ad templates and scripts.

I took one of the ads in the book, and ran it in my local community newspaper.

I spent a few hundred bucks on the ad.

The ad had a place to put a headshot of my big smiling face, and a headline that said, “Dr. Bryan Joseph is now accepting new patients that want to get well naturally.”

Cute, right?

Well… I thought I nailed it.

You can probably guess what happened next…

…Nobody called.

I didn’t get a single call from that ad.

(well I did, but they were from a couple of my friends
who called to say they saw my ad and thought it looked GREAT… lol)

But not a single call from a potential patient. My Results: Negative $600.

More Learning…
Even when I was in Chiropractic College I knew I wanted to have my very own practice. And I scoured our library getting my hands on everything I could from all those practice experts.

Remember cassette tapes?! I spent most of my free time listening to those cassettes, watching VHS tapes, and reading everything I could get my hands on.

I even started going to “Seminars”, trying to glean tips from the experts. It didn’t take long before I began to identify some of the more successful Chiropractors in practice.

I started thinking… Maybe I should intern at their practice, or maybe I should spend a few years as an associate, watching and learning…

So after I graduated, I went to work for a very successful Chiropractor. He had a huge practice. It was my time to learn.

Every chance I got, I’d hammer him with questions about the BUSINESS of Chiropractic. And I’d ask questions…

  • Who are the best practice management experts out there?
  • Who should I pay attention to?
  • Whose seminars should I go to?
  • Who’s the best for me?
Moderate Success
After 2 years of being an associate, I opened my first practice with my brother.

We were completely confident with our clinical skills – how to treat patients.

And after going to at least 50 practice management seminars during the past 4 years, and being a “member” of 2 of them, we began applying all the tools and lessons we’d learned to market our own practice.

We were getting some results. Patients were coming in, and we started building a solid reputation!

We weren’t quite getting the raving results all those practice management experts were talking about, but we were experiencing some moderate results!

And – we were taking home a good paycheck!

“The Speed Bump”
You know those pesky little speed bumps they have in the roads – to slow the traffic down? We were experiencing a good growth trend, and all of a sudden –

Bam! The growth just stopped.

No matter what we did and what we tried, we just couldn’t get over it. Our practice seemed like it was stuck.

The very first thing I did was go back through all my notes – all the way to the beginning when I was in Chiropractic College.

I went through every note from every seminar and convention I’d ever been to. I was looking for the missing clues, what I’d left out, doing my best to figure out how to get over this darned hurdle that had us held hostage…

Going through all my notes was eye-opening, and for the first time in at least 4 to 6 years…

It made me realize something really sad…

All these so-called “experts” are basically teaching and saying the same thing.

What’s worse, I didn’t find the answer to our problem.

And then, something happened
that changed my life forever…
Fast forward a few months…

I was invited to an ultra-exclusive weekend in Chicago with some very successful Chiropractors – like a “Chiropractic Business Success Summit.”

The very first presenter was one of the most successful and well-known practice experts in our profession. He’s helped thousands of Chiropractors become super successful – and hundreds of them become multi-millionaires!

And it was during that weekend that he introduced his own “high priced” personal business coach to the group.

He told us how his coach flew to the meeting in his very own private jet!

And he talked about how his coach has a completely new
and fresh perspective on Chiropractic Businesses!

Will Ezell
His coach:  Will Ezell.
Will came up and spoke to us. But he wasn’t like any expert or presenter I’d ever seen or heard before. Everything he was talking about was COMPLETELY NEW – COMPLETELY FRESH. I’d never heard anything like it before!

Yet everything he was saying made complete sense!

About half way through Will’s presentation, I realized – this guy Will…
He isn’t a Chiropractor. He’s a super-successful business man!


Will began sharing the highlights of his “13 Profit Activators”

our INCOME and our PROFITS…
All I could think is this: “I’ve got to figure out a way to spend some time talking to this guy. If he’s a coach and consultant to one of our profession’s most highly-recognizable expert, think what just an hour with him could do for me!”

Little did I know that his dinner seat would be immediately next to mine during our dinner that evening!

After the dinner presentations, Will and I sat and talked for several hours.

He had my head spinning!

His successes were incredible. His experience in business was amazing. Yet, there was no ego. And even more so, his perspectives and the way he analyzed and looked at business were in ways I’d never even considered. And – his growth formula was phenomenal – AND SIMPLE!

He has this way of breaking down the
most complex subjects and turning them into
the simplest and easiest ways to understand.

And he sets all of his practice growth systems on 3 easy-to-understand numbers!

I could barely sleep that night. I kept reliving our conversation, Will challenging me, pushing me, asking me practice metrics in ways I’d never thought of my practice.

Example: He asked me “What’s your Average Transaction Value?” I’d never heard that phrase, and even when he explained it, I’d never thought of my practice in those terms.

Then he asked me what my “Annual Residual Value” was per patient. I could tell him our “Case Average”, but I’d never thought of a patient in terms of their annual value! (or lifetime value)

I was somewhat embarrassed I didn’t know those numbers, but as Will told me, “Don’t worry – most successful business owners can’t answer these questions!”

“They don’t teach this stuff in business school –
not at Wharton, not at Harvard – not anywhere!”

He went on. “I spent over 10 years and paid more than a million dollars to discover this myself with some of the top consultants in the world, and now I’m sharing these 13 Profit Activators and growth formulas / systems with a few select clients.”

I returned home with one mission – to figure out how I could become one of Will’s “few select clients.”

Let’s just say – it wasn’t easy.

I called and got his assistant. And that’s as far as it went. I told her who I was, how I met him, how much I wanted to talk to him – to hire him, and I got nowhere.

She told me it would be $500 to talk to him! Really!! $500!!

I waited a few days, and tried again. Darn it! I got his assistant again. Same thing: $500. But I was persistent. Okay – maybe I begged… I don’t remember other than I got through to Will.

He hammered me again with questions – most of them related to my level of commitment. It was obvious – Will doesn’t accept slackers as clients.

Somehow, some way, we worked out a way for Will to coach with me via webcam. I paid his “insanely high fee”, and we went to work.

(little did I know at the time how impressed Will was with ME,
and how much he looked forward to working with me!)

The Big “Aha” That Got Me More
Patients Than I Could Handle
One of the very first things I discovered from Will is that he primarily uses a very different kind of marketing platform. It’s called “direct response marketing.”

In direct response marketing, the goal of your marketing is not to get your name “out there,” but to get your patients to actively come find you.

A very different approach, and somewhat counter-intuitive…

Will began by teaching me how to generate a flood of leads by giving away a free report or an invitation to a free informational workshop.


So we created an ad that had a completely different approach. The headline said:

“Free Report Reveals 7 Health Problems Chiropractors Can Heal.”

Then I went to the same newspaper, and spent the same money to run this new ad.

And guess what?

The Phone Started Ringing
Off The Hook!
Floods of prospective patients were calling in and asking for the report! And they were signing up for my free presentation.

I couldn’t believe the difference!

I placed two ads for the SAME service in the SAME local paper, where I spent the SAME money.

One ad got me zero leads and patients.

The other had my phone ringing off the hook, with more potential leads than I could possibly handle.

I’ll never forget that day because I experienced firsthand the difference between…

Having a thriving practice that continually grows because it knows and understands how to get a steady flow of traffic and new patients lining up to buy their service.

And a practice that is always desperate to find the next patient and usually just scrapes by each month struggling to cover basic expenses. And eventually shutting down…

The BIG Mistake
Almost All Practices Make
(and How You Can Profit From it)
Look around and you’ll see 90% of businesses (and almost all new businesses) making the same mistake I did…

Using ineffective and “cute” or “clever” ways to try and drive interest and get new patients.

Believe me – I ran them. Will laughed at them! You’ll see it in Module 11.

It doesn’t work, and it never will.

If you want to get more patients… if you want to grow your practice… and if you want to find more people who will pay you for your service…

The MOST important thing you need to learn is HOW to craft the right message in the form of your communications, advertisements and content.

In other words, you need to know how to communicate with your patients in a way that they know you are trustable and you have the solution THEY are looking for.

Look: You can put your service in front of someone who you KNOW would love it and benefit from it,

But if you can’t effectively communicate
HOW you will solve their problem,
THEY won’t even pay attention to you, let alone buy.

Let me repeat that in a slightly different way.

Even if someone is your PERFECT potential patient, they won’t pay attention or buy your services if your communication is wrong in the first place…

The Places You’ll Find Your Patients Are Always Changing…
Where you place your promotions, ads, and content is also important, because you’ll want to place your ads and promos in the places where your patients are.

The reality is, the places your patients hang out are always changing…

In the past TV, Radio, and Newspapers were the places to promote.

Then came Google, Facebook, YouTube…

Pinterest, Instagram, and so on…

These are all great places to FIND your patients, but without the RIGHT message that grabs their attention, you’ll be throwing away your money and getting no results.

You FIRST need to master the system of creating powerful communications, promotions, ads and content that grab and control your prospects attention and gets them to take ACTION.

Then, and only then, you need to know how to get these promotions out into the world and in front of your potential patients…

It’s as simple as that — but as they say, “The devil is in the details”…

I’ve Done All The “Heavy Lifting”
For You…
After spending 15 years in practice, studying the psychology of patient (and buyers) behavior, and investing thousands of dollars in research and testing to find out what works…

And working side-by-side with Will creating PROVEN INNOVATIVE direct response techniques and strategies that produce RESULTS, together…

We’ve included all the proven strategies, systems and business principles that any Chiropractor can use to:

  • Understand how to create irresistible ads, content and promotions that stand out and get attention.
  • How to get those “messages” in front of A LOT people who want your services with minimal investment upfront.

We’ve put this system inside a training manual we call, “The Practice Success Blueprint”, and I’d like to share that with you right now…

The Practice Success Blueprint
Innovative Strategies to Today’s Million Dollar Practice
The Practice Success Blueprint is a complete business building manual that teaches the exact fundamentals I use to generate leads, attract new patients and systemize and optimize my practices for growth — and how to implement it into your own practice.

This is our complete “go-to” playbook that I’ve personally used in 9 different practices and markets, and the Chiropractors I’ve taught it to have used in dozens others…

If you aren’t getting the amount of patients you want to show up and buy, then this manual is going to teach you how to get what you need…

If you’re just getting started in practice and nobody seems to be visiting you, this manual will give you the fundamentals to fix your practice – and you’ll start getting more patients than you can handle….

If you want to grow your practice, this manual is going to show you how to change your thinking and better understand today’s marketing that captures leads and grows your practice.

The Practice Success Blueprint Details

The Practice Success Blueprint is a series of 29 training modules
taught by me, Dr. Bryan Joseph and my mentor, Will Ezell.

Each module contains stories, training sessions and action steps. Inside, you’ll discover our blueprint, and we will also share our previously undisclosed “behind the scenes” business principles that makes things work – things you can immediately apply to your own practice.

In other words, we won’t just be teaching you. Many of these are PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS. We’ll be guiding you with examples to help you through the creation of the practice building assets you need to start getting new patients as you go through the manual.

Note: The manual is an actual hard copy that you can keep at your fingertips for life once you receive it.

Here’s Just A Small Glimpse of What You’ll Discover Inside…
  • Practice Killers: Why and how many Chiropractic practices in America are in a horribly precarious situation, and how to prevent any of this from happening to you and your practice. (Module 24)
  • Mindset: A scientifically proven way to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS. So easy a 3rd grader can do it! (Module 26)
  • Marketing: The BIGGEST MISTAKES most Chiropractors make when marketing their practice, and exactly how to AVOID making that mistake (plus examples). (Module 11)
  • Message: The ABSOLUTE 4 THINGS EVERY PATEINT WANTS TO KNOW (and why you shouldn’t make them ask). (Module 12)
  • Positioning: Creating and giving yourself an ethically unfair advantage against all your competition in business. (Module 18)
  • Reactivations: One easy way to double patient reactivations – literally overnight. This one innovative technique added $100,000 additional income to a practice! (Module 7)
  • Guarantees: 5 absolute guarantees you can give to every patient – Guarantees that your competition can’t or won’t. (Module 8)
  • Advertising: Actual Case Study How a $5,000 advertising investment turned into $240,000 in 120 days! (Module 13)
  • Patient Attraction: 10 SUPER SUCCESSFUL lessons from Starbucks that we can easily apply to our practices. (Module 27)
  • Promoting Your Practice: The #1 FASTEST way to grow your practice – PROVEN and time-tested. (Module 16)
  • Compelling Influence and Persuasion: The #1 thing you MUST focus on if you want to create powerful marketing and advertising that gets response. (Module 13)
  • Your Website: How to prevent your website from becoming one click away from oblivion. (Module 17)
  • Business Management: Why most doctors typically only know HALF of the things wrong with their practice (and how to identify the other half). (Module 28)
  • Systems: Powerfully effective 7-word phrase to keep you focused and on track to huge profits and successes. (Module 26)
  • Mindset: The signs and sins of “Poverty Consciousness” and how it will prevent you from achieving your dreams. (Module 29)
  • Patient Attraction / Internet: The PROVEN FORMULA for super successful home page videos. (Module 14)
  • Referrals: Why patients refer, and more importantly WHY THEY WON’T REFER. This is easy to fix! (Module 5)
  • Fatal Assumption: Step-by-step accounting of what one doctor did to lose a $23,000 patient (probably many others). (Module 19)
  • Positioning: The “Million Dollar Question” about positioning your image and practice identity and 20-plus PROVEN ways to bolster your image and reputation in your community. (Module 18)
  • Reputation: What is takes to have patients driving right past every other Chiropractors office in town on their way to have you treat them. (Module 8)
  • Internet / Website: The 3 CRITICAL QUESTIONS you MUST answer on your home page. (Module 17)
And that’s only a fraction of what we’re going to cover inside “The Practice Success Blueprint.”

This training is 29 modules jam packed with us teaching you the complete fundamentals to success. Go through this manual today and…

Practice Success Blueprint $99 + 9.99 S+H (USPS 2-Day Priority Mail)
Leverage Over 15 Years of Research, Testing, and Development to Get More Patients, More Growth, and More Overall Fun for Your Practice
If you’re like most Chiropractors I’ve worked with you probably don’t have time to be learning several different practice management strategies…

You need to be effective and efficient with your time. You want to use your valuable time and energy on a strategy that will actually work without having to rely on mind numbing trial and error.

When you receive The Practice Success Blueprint, you’ll get to leverage over 15 years of my experience and the thousands of dollars

I’ve spent testing what works, combined with Will’s expertise and track record ––

and literally cut your learning curve down by half.

This manual is proven to be filled with tools that work so you can feel confident knowing that you’re following a blueprint that will get you results. In fact I guarantee it.

This Is Not Your Regular Practice
Management Program…
We won’t be focused on technical details like how to set up Facebook ads, or put your product on Amazon, or how to manage your display campaign.

I also won’t be giving you the newest hack or loophole for any marketing platform or equipment to buy.

That stuff changes all the time and only leads to short term results… so if that’s what you’re looking for, then this program isn’t for you.

If you would rather keep chasing the next “bright shiny object” rather than put the fundamentals to work, then again this program isn’t for you.

What we are going to teach you is a proven blueprint for creating long term practice growth that attract patients to your practice and get them to buy.

This Blueprint Will Continue Working Long Into The Future…
What we’re going to be teaching you has proven to work for my practices time and time again, and will continue to work long into the future.

That’s because everything we’ll be teaching you is based on human psychology which hasn’t changed for thousands of years.

So unless there is a major evolutionary shift in the way people are wired, you won’t need to worry about this system going ‘out of date’. The skills you learn in this program will pay dividends for the rest of your practice career.

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Practice Success Blueprint $99 + 9.99 S+H (USPS 2-Day Priority Mail)
Considering that I used these very fundamentals to sell over $25 million dollars worth of chiropractic and natural health care services, I kept it a close secret amongst my “inner circle” for a long time…

The only time I have taught these fundamentals publicly was during a live event for Chiropractors who invested $3,500 in a high-end mastermind program.

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Plus, when you purchase you’ll have absolutely no risk…

Use This Manual for an Entire Year, and if You Don’t Start Getting New Patients, I’ll Give You a Full Refund
No Questions Asked.
I’m so confident that once you start using the tools in this manual in your own practice you’ll get more new patients than you thought was ever possible, that I’m going to guarantee it.

Here’s my guarantee to you:

When you purchase The Practice Success Blueprint you’ll have an entire year to go through the training modules and use the fundamentals in your business.

If you go through all the modules, use all the suggestions and do all the exercises and you haven’t seen a dramatic increase in the number of leads and patients you get, just send me a note with what you implemented to show me you did the work, and I’ll give you a full refund.

That’s how confident I am once you apply this blueprint to your practice you’ll start seeing results — and I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.

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Practice Success Blueprint $99 + 9.99 S+H (USPS 2-Day Priority Mail)